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Building GRID.
GRID takes a hands-on approach to real estate, with a focus on creativity, profitability, and sustainability.


Let GRID work for you… GRID offers comprehensive commercial real estate consulting services with the highest level of  accountability and commitment.   GRID provides the following:

Owner's Representation and Advisory Services

Real estate in today's environment involves issues, regulations, and pitfalls that can delay or even prevent the development/ sale of otherwise desirable property.   GRID navigates and resolves those issues on behalf of ownership to position the property for long-term success.  Every issue and deal point is evaluated from the standpoint of both the owner an end user to eliminate obstacales and streamline the use of the property.  GRID has negotiated and closed numerous real estate transactions covering a broad spectrum of product types, with complexities including environmental, archeological/ historic, entitlements and incentives, wetland/ stormwater, permitting, financing, leasing and tenant improvements, and project cost control.



GRID has signficant experience working with both large institutions and private investors with a long-term ownership perspective to provide insight, asset positioning, and evaluation of real estate investments.  The success of projects often hinges on less than a handful of critical decision points.  Having an experienced professional on your team helps navigate through those risks.


Development, Design & Construction Mgmt.

GRID serves as a partner for owners from planning to vendor selection and negotiation, to design and construction management, and final punchlists.  Having a qualified owner's representative can help remove the risks and challenges with completing complex assignments.    


Brokerage Services

GRID's expertise includes developing comprehensive market positioning, analysis, and strategy for land and property sales.  


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